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Jazz - No Longer a Feature Genre?

Posted on April 14, 2013
I came on the scene in the late 1950's and starting performing as a solo and ensemble musician in the 1960's. Jazz was blossoming and there were many stars making a decent living. It has changed. Jazz is still prevalent, but mostly in the background, with very few stars headlining the events that people pay to attend. The recorded music of jazz performers is on the decline, if not completely extinct. My view of why it is not cherished by the many is because it is not easy to understand, unless it is vocalized. However, the instrumental version is the pure form of its expression and that requires an informed person to participate as a listener. Most people want to participate physically by dancing, twisting their bodies, standing and raising the hands, etc. They are having fun! They are not having fun when they must be quiet, unless applauding a skillful artist finishing up and improvised solo, and then they are quiet until the next artist performs or the song ends.

How do you see this?

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