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AKBAR: Links

Apple iTunes
This is by far one of the more popular sites for purchasing music downloads for personal use. If you are there, stop and check me out. Thanks. [Note: The song "Rahman" was downloaded poorly and cannot be heard. Please go to my music page to hear them all].
New player on the block who just might have a great deal for you. Check it out!
Who has not heard of this site?
Still checking this one out myself. Drop me a line if you find something great about some of the other artists.
Interesting concept...I haven't really check out the delivery process, but please take a look just to compare prices, if nothing else.
If nothing else this is a place where competitative prices and choices can be found. Go there!
Music Is Here
Yes music is here! And I am there along with other cool musicians in all genres. See if you can find me...
Quarter Note
I like it! A musical name. So go here and make a purchase pretty please!!
Very simply put, just buy and buy and buy. Very affordable and available.
Audio Lunchbox
A well respected music store. Go here and be sure.
Next Hit
Good prices! Good service!
Great Indie Music Store
For all that is truly indie, you may want to go here after CDBABY!
If you have an account here, you can easily go to that site to download the album or one or more selections from my CD. [Note: My song, "Rahman" was downloaded badly and cannot be heard properly. Please go to my music page to hear all of the songs from beginning to end].
This site is advertised as the best little record store on the internet, but that is grossly understated...CDBABY is the best of all times! Its owner-creator, Derek is the independant musician's greatest friend. All roads leads back to him and his company for the indies, so buying the CD here is my personal choice, but if you don't buy mine, browse around and I am sure you will find something just for you!
This is a Afro-American owned site and it specializes in selling jazz, R&B, gospel, oldies, etc. and the price is very reasonable. Stop in and pick up one of my selections there along with other top name artists, why don't cha? [Note: The song, "Rahman" cannot be reviewed properly because of a poor download. Please go to my music page to hear all of the songs].
Go here to not only hear my songs, but get over 30 reviews from independant music fans and other musicians just like yourself, for each song. Go see how each song rated with the reviewers. I love this site.
This is a new site and I had no difficulty finding my CD. If you are shopping there, please give me a shout (listen and/or buy), showing your love. Peace.
Sells music to ardent listeners just like yourself globally. Check it out and while there, select one of my songs, won't ya? [Note: My song, Rahman" cannot be heard clearly and you will need to go to my music page to hear them all].
Much easier to navigate than some of the other places I have visited and that makes it a favorite of mine. Perhaps you will experience the same as me when you go there. Get one of my song selections while you are there, if you don't mind. Get the whole album for little or nothing! [Note: My song, "Rahman" cannot be heard because of static in the download process. Please go to my music page to hear all of the songs completely].
This site features one of my brothers, Henry Jackson, who is a renown gospel singer and pianist.