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The Family Thread - November 11, 2012

I regret not having mentioned my family line in any of my earlier notes, so here is a little background about me and mine.

I am married to a wonderful and caring woman who is called Malinda. She is from the Parks family with roots in the State of Louisiana as I am. We didn't know each other until 1991 and was married in October 1992. We don't have any children, but we do have two cute dogs who she named Cooper and Jazz. Cooper is a Maltese and Jazz is a Yorkie. (Update: We since lost Cooper who died on surgeon's table) Malinda is a pre-school teacher and is currently enrolled in National University taking online courses to get her B.A. degree, which she just completed in 2012 and now has a B.A. degree. The sky is the limit for her and I know that she will do well. The children and their parents love her and her employer really appreciates the skills she brings to the table.

I am an offspring of two wonderful families: The Richardson family and the Williams; my dear mother comes from the Richardson clan and my father is an elder son of the Williams tribe. {My father recently passed on to his reward on Sunday, July 20, 2008 and my mother passed on August 27, 2012}. Both came from Louisiana and many of our relatives are still there. I am amazed at how many relatives I have!

I have three brothers living and three sisters still in their prime spread out from California to Louisiana and offspring of their own as I have. I have three children, all living in Los Angeles and three grandchildren, so the thread will continue through me as well, but with the sir name of Muhammad.

Both sides of my family have a gathering that we refer to as "Reunion", with my mother's side holding it every year in Minden, LA. and my father's side holding it bi-annually in various cities within the United States.

Some of my family have wondered out loud as to why I changed my name to Akbar Muhammad. The short answer is because I do not wish to be associated with my ancestors being once owned by someone named Williams or Richardson, both of which are linked to Europeans. We are decendants of Africa and we are now Americans. I don't deceive myself and think that African people fully accept us as full brothers of our native land, so I choose to be associated with the religion that I have embraced in Islam. I believe in entire submission to the Will of God (Allah) and the messages of all of his prophets. I AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE RADICAL VIEWS OF SOME ARAB MUSLIMS WHO HAVE COME TO BE KNOWN AS TERRORISTS. I am associated with the views of any person in this world who objects to the invasionary policies of the present government of our Nation. We should make war with those who make war with us, but not occupy their lands and force them to abandon their culture and traditions.
Hopefully, a new president will move in another direction without sacrificing our national security efforts to-date.

Most of my people on both sides are of the Christian Faith and will remain so as far as I know. My wife is a Christian with the Church of Christ. it is the way of our grandmothers and it is not easy for any of us to separate from that path, although there is clear evidence in my mind that we should. What will be will be, so I don't argue with anyone over it. In the end, God will be the Decider.

We have Caucasian and Indian blood flowing in our bloodlines and it is highly possible that we don't know each other yet. It's also possible that we don't want to know each other. Let's talk about it.

To all of my known family: I love you and wish you well.


AKBAR is available for performing locally on

weekends in small group formats: Trio, Quartet

and Karaoke for reasonable fees. Your budget

will be considered at arriving at a fair and

equitable price. Charity affairs are

considered, but only if CDs and other

merchandise will be allowed to be sold to your

guests. Call (213) 280-2606 FOR DETAILS.
My live appearances have been mostly for private parties featuring a solo format using recorded music that allows for one or more performers to play-along. I am playing music by Stevie Wonder, Stanley Turrentine, George Benson, Miles Davis and countless other popular songs of the past 40 years.

My last appearance with a group of musicians was in the format of a quartet in 2008. I have not missed having to make calls to find musicians and to go through the hassles of dependency on them showing up as promised. Now it is up to me to get there and set up all the sound and playback equipment to entertain my customer and their invited guests. Many of them allow me to sell CDs and this only enhances my take home pay and it makes everyone happier. I pick up this format from watching a guy in Vegas play with the Play-Along equipment and used it at a party sponsored by a sister-in-law and it went viral from there. One after another phone call came in requesting my services for a very miminal fee, which basically paid handsomely for my time minus the services of live musicians accompanying me. Several years ago, I would not have even considered doing this, but I discovered that many other musicians long ago had started using this format quite successfully. So if you live in the Los Angeles County, Ventura County and San Bernardino County areas. call me at (213) 280-2606 and let's do some business.

AKBAR appeared at The Orleans Hotel and

Casino with the great duo of Diana and Raj

Rathor in Las Vegas, Nevada on
November 29th.

AKBAR performed at a hotel in Torrance,

California on August 2 with vocalist Herbert

It was an alummni party for former graduates

of Booker T. Washington High School located in

Shreveport, Louisiana.

It was an "invitation only" occasion for the

class of 1957, but other former graduates were

invited to attend and there were other classes

in attendance.

Man, did they have a ball! The show opened

with the band playing soft jazz music while

people were coming in and meeting old friends

and some new ones. This continued until

dinner was about to be served. Herb came on

stage just before they decided to ask for an

intermission and did 3 songs. The audience

groaned. They were just getting warmed up.

Some other performances of recent memory are

listed here:

-The Sheraton Hotel - Testimonial and Fashion

Show - Los Angeles, Ca.

-The Proud Bird - Wedding Reception - El

Segundo, Ca. near LAX Airport

-The Proud Bird - Fashion show and Dinner - El

Segundo, Ca.

-Carson Civic Center - Employee Association

Dinner and Dance Show - Carson, Ca.

-CentrePointe Medical Clinic Conference Room:

Gardena, Ca. Chamber of Commerce Mixer Party -

April 30th.

-The Roger Williams Baptist Church in Los

Angeles, Calif.: July 20 with Henry Jackson,

a world-renowned Gospel Singer and my younger

brother (Go to my Photo Gallery for look-see).

-The Coffee Gallery in Pasadena, California:

July 30, 2003 hosted by Jimi Yamagishi where I

performed for the 1st time karaoke style. Good

show and I really enjoyed my 1/2 hour set.

-The Furama Hotel in Westchester, California:

August 2 at a Williams Family Reunion.

-Birthday party in Long Beach, California at

the Reef Hotel near the Queen Mary.

-At the Chester Washington Golf Club for a

benefit for Volunteers for the American Red


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