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AKBAR: Press

The following are samples of reviews borrowed from the great site. Almost every song from my CD made Song of the Month, except one. Even so, the selection, "Too Soft," got good reviews mixed with some that were not so good. The first six statements about this selection came from all over the world:

Too Soft!

"Moving mountains is what it's about. Like hear more."
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I never expected this in a million years! I found your track refreshing, both from a musical point of view but also a philosophical and political one as well. The arrangement was slick. I think the music could have been a bit higher in the mix. The mood was both relaxing and STRESSFUL. Your voice was calming but made me want to go start a new political party!"
Staten Island, New York

"This song is a very good song with a good story. The backing music is smooth and definitely sets the tone. The arrangement is good (and) very balanced. The speaker needs to know his delivery better, but his voice is good and strong".
Toledo, Ohio

"Balance is great, and I like the arrangement of the bass and piano. The vocals are simply powerful, and paint a vivid image. I would love to listen to this a lot more. Let me know more info about you. Thank-you for this".
North Adams, Massachusetts

"Talk about a difference between rhythm and lyrics. While the music sounds like Las Vegas lounge, the lyrics are some of the most clear and cutting indictment of crime problems. While I don't agree with the political and legal stance promoted in this song - I cannot disagree that this is a powerful expression within music".
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Strange contrast...
...of Happy-go lucky-litejazz (played well) and political message. My English isn't good enough to catch the whole story at once."
Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany


The following reviews were from the song, "The Boss says, We the Best!" This song is still getting heard and is one of my best sellers in the digital download arena:

"I especially like the production on this track. The relaxed tempo of and warm sound of the sax put me in a very mellow mood. The raspy quality of the electric bass is very pleasing to the ear and is a nice contrast. Nice chord work on the piano and I especially enjoyed the Latin flavor."
San Francisco, California

"I love this stuff! This band sounds like they have really studied their instruments! This could be the theme song to a TV show. Somebody get these guys in the right show!!!!!!"
Raleigh, North Carolina.

SMOOOTH!!! Lovely transitions. Had to listen to it three times and then get back to planet earth to write the review. Excellent piano and sax interludes, both of them "singing" the mood!! Overall Arrangement is Pristine-I love this piece!! Tempo arrangements are just killers!"
New Paris, Ohio

"The Boss needs to hear the rest.
Nice groove line in the intro; enter sax and piano with nice phrasing and key changes (are) really smooth and mellow. I dig the hell outta this, nice groovin' bass with a good hook and bridge."
Crawfordville, Florida


The name of this song, "The Self-Expressive Dance", is another top seller for me in the digital download sites:

"Oh Yeah...
Loved it - Especially the bassist - that was a smokin' solo, piano was awesome, sax was hot - enjoyed all the solos, melodies; rhythms - I'd save the intro for live gigs but otherwise I would not change a thing. Very professional; reminded me of Tom Scott meets the Yellowjackets!!"
Los Angeles, California

"Hey don't let 'em fool you: not many of these listeners can play a sax like that! The bass reminds me of Jaco Pastorious, although the solo ran unusually long for bass--I mean it is not a traditional lead instrument. The piano player is smooth and plays colorfully. He should have taken part of that bass solo."
Farmingdale, New York


"Blessed I Am", is one of my favorites and I hope it will be for you as well:

"The night club feel comes right out of this tune. The sax is nicely complimented by the bass and piano. There are obviously talented musicians playing here. This has captured a nice light feeling that makes the song listenable almost anytime."
Greenwich, Connecticut

"I've reviewed this band before, I remember it very well because of that opening vocal thing, the song was the Self Expressive Dance, and I still like this group! The bass tone is very nice. The piano block chords are cool, gives a bossa nova vibe to the piece. Wow, the sax tone is velvety smooth. Sax reminds me alot of Paul Desmond (you know, Take Five?) Relaxing, but not at all cheesy or what I would call "Dentist Office" Jazz (you know the kind I'm talking about!). Also, the piano solo is extremely tasteful, not showy or overly flashy, serves the song. Very laid back, but again, not wimpy or Kenny-G ish."
Sacramento, California

"Oh! That saxophone leads the music so well!
The interplay of the sax and the piano is precious. Nice improvisation alternating between them. Arrangement accents the beat along with a nice strong bass. Everything blended well."
Skokie, Illinois